The Types Of Estate Agents You Should Avoid


The Types Of Estate Agents You Should Avoid

Hiring the right estate agent is crucial for you to get the best deal. Unfortunately, some agents in the property industry don’t have your best interests at heart. Here are the estate agents you should look out for when buying, selling or letting a home.

Estate Agents To Look Out For

The Agent In A Hurry

This real estate agent doesn’t have time to focus on your requirements and is only concerned about their next sale. Therefore, you are unlikely to develop a good relationship with this person and it will be difficult to voice your opinions on various properties. 

A good estate agent is not in a rush, their priority is to make sure you get the result you are after. They understand that if you win, they also succeed, leading to a cohesive relationship that is beneficial for both parties.

The Dishonest Agent

If an estate agent is promising results that seem too good to be true, they probably are. Do not fall into the trap of hiring agents who guarantee sales in a short time. Trustworthy property agents will provide an estimate of how long it will take to secure a deal while taking into account a range of factors.

The Agent Who Is Never Available

A massive red flag is when an estate agent is extremely hard to get hold of and rarely returns your calls. Communication is essential when working with a property professional and a lack of teamwork will not get you the results you’re after. Before signing anything with a real estate agent pay attention to how available they are.

The Agent With No Passion

Homebuyers are making a life-changing decision when they decide to purchase new property. Hence, the agent you hire should have a passion for the property and care deeply about finding your ideal home. Avoid real estate agents who seem to treat their business like a hobby and do not put in the hours needed to offer value to their clients.

A passionless estate agent will also often show signs of poor negotiating skills, unresponsiveness and a lack of knowledge.


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